Playa Paraiso Hotel Bahia Principe

The land is part of the Tabasco floodplain on the Gulf of Mexico with an average elevation of only two meters above sea level. It is flat with a slight incline towards the sea. The soil is sandy with some clay mixed nearest the ocean with clay dominating inland. Due to the its low-lying nature and climate, the area has abundant surface water in the forms of lagoons, lakes, estuaries and wetlands. Major bodies of water include lakes and lagoons such as Mecoacán, La Machona, Tupilco, Puente de Ostión, La Encerrada (Amatillo), Tres Palmas, El Zorro, Arrastradero, Las Flores, Lagartera Tilapa, Manatí and El Eslabón. The last receives its waters from the Gonzalez River as it empties into the Gulf. Other rivers and streams include the Seco, El Corcho, Tupilco, Cocohital, El Corinto, Arroyo Verde and Arroyo Verde.

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