Beekeeping And Honey Bees

Honey beekeeping can be fun and lucrative activity. The honey beekeeper can grow magnificent gardens due to the pollination of nearby plants but also gets to eat tasty honey to their hearts content.

The saying busy as a bee is a clich for a reason. Bees work so hard that in only 35 days their wings are useless and they die. Bees keep the honey for food when the flowers arent blooming. If theres a good season for flowers, the bees collect more nectar which leads to more honey. Theres no way they can eat all the honey themselves so honey beekeepers can collect this honey to eat for themselves or make money from it.

Beekeepers can make money from the two different types of honey. Liquid honey is the type of honey that is easy to get out of the hive. Its taken out of the honey combs using machines called centrifuges or extractors. Another way they make money is by selling the actual honey comb itself. The honey thats in the waxy combs is called comb honey. Even though its less useful for drinking tea or cooking, people still like it for the natural flavors it has.

An uncommon fact is that honey comes in many varieties. Every flower has a different scent which causes the honey created with its nectar to taste and smell different. Honey can also be different due to different soil conditions. The alfalfa plant, which grows in a more alkaline soil, has honey that is white to clear. Honey made from buckwheat nectar is the exact opposite with a very dark honey due to the acidic soil. How good honey is also determined by how good the honey comb the bees have made. Overall, it can range from golden, red, and even green!

Its extremely important for honey beekeepers to follow the proper rules and regulations of various state and federal authorities while theyre working with honey. Many local governments have different regulations regarding the keeping of bees since its a real business not just a hobby. Honey beekeepers must consider the different aspects of marketing their honey; things like where and who to sell honeyto is extremely important. Beekeeping is a very fun hobby, but when it becomes a business, the honey beekeeper must make choices that will grow his business and protect him from economic downturns. This is the key to thriving in this business.

As you can see, theres more to beekeeping than meets the eye! Bees are little creatures that create liquid gold in the form of honey. They dont last that long because they work so hard to produce delicious honey that ranges in color from clear to dark amber. Beekeepers can make money selling honey but also by selling honey comb wax as well. Overall, its important for beekeepers to watch regulations and make smart business decisions. Who ever thought there was so much involved in beeing a honey beekeeper.